TOPPANデジタル株式会社 個人情報保護方針


  1. 1. 私たちは、個人の尊厳を重んじ、個人情報に関する法令、国が定める指針及びその他の規範と社会秩序を遵守のうえ、TOPPANホールディングスおよび社内の規程類に則り、当社が取り扱う個人情報の保護に努めます。
  2. 2. 私たちは、当社の事業内容及び規模を考慮して、公正かつ適法な方法で個人情報を取得、利用及び提供し、目的外利用を行わないための具体的な措置を講じます。
  3. 3. 私たちは、当社が取り扱う個人情報について、不正なアクセス又は滅失、毀損、改ざん、漏えい等の危険を深く認識し、必要かつ合理的な安全対策を講ずるとともに、問題が発生した場合は、適切かつ速やかに対処し是正します。
  4. 4. 私たちは、当社が取り扱う個人情報に関する問い合わせ窓口を設置し、ご本人さまから苦情及び相談等の問い合わせを受けた場合は、真摯に対応し、適切かつ遅滞なくこれに対処します。
  5. 5. 私たちは、個人情報保護マネジメントシステムを確立し、実施し、かつ継続的改善を行います。

制定日  2023年10月1日

代表取締役社長 坂井和則

TOPPANデジタル株式会社 サービスマネジメントセンター リスク管理部

TOPPAN Digital Inc. Personal Information Protection Policy

As a subsidiary of TOPPAN Holdings Inc., we declare that in order to protect the rights of individuals and reciprocate customers' trust, the protection of personal information including specific personal information is a vital management issue related to corporate social responsibility, and we implement it comprehensively throughout all the Company's divisions and departments.

  1. 1.We hold great respect for the dignity of the individual and endeavor to protect the personal information handled by the Company in line with the rules of TOPPAN Holdings Inc. and our internal rules, fully complying with laws, government guidelines and other regulations related to personal information, and with the principles of social order.
  2. 2.Taking into consideration the business and scale of the Company, we will obtain, use and provide personal information using fair and lawful procedures while implementing concrete measures to ensure it is not used for purposes other than those specified.
  3. 3.We are acutely aware of the risks that threaten the personal information handled by the Company, such as wrongful access, loss, damage, manipulation, and leakage, and shall take all necessary and reasonable safety measures. In the case of a problem arising, we shall rectify it quickly and appropriately.
  4. 4.We will establish an information desk to deal with inquiries related to the personal information handled by the Company. If we are consulted by or receive a complaint or other communication from the person whom the information concerns, we will respond sincerely and deal with it appropriately and without delay.
  5. 5.We shall establish, implement and continually improve a personal information protection management system.

Established October 1, 2023

Kazunori Sakai
President & Representative Director
TOPPAN Digital Inc.